As an aspiring textile artists, it is my purpose to create works which speak to the current human condition and offer a message of playfulness and comfort. This is in some ways a personal reaction to living in a deeply complex world that is full of things I don't understand- the bizarre, the overwhelming, the strange and the wondrous.

The intention of my work is sometimes to question this current state of things, sometimes to make sense of it, and many times to move from spectator by taking part in the chaos. Through the action of creating digital or materially rich exploratory pieces it is my desire to call attention to the fluidity of identity and to replace the fear of the unknown with whimsicality. I allow myself to join the circus, if you will, by making works that bring me joy and a sense of relief from the mystery and overindulgence outside my door. Using techniques like weaving that have been around for thousands of years, I attempt to bridge the gap between old and new and replace the rituals of long ago with new ones through the working process. The reinterpretation of natural forms, and the exploitation of materials that are overtly man made draw attention to the reality of our dominance over the natural world. In some cases I invite tackiness through the use of overly saturated color, as I become a player in the era of greed that I must admit I am part of. As a compliment to these materials, I work digitally to make manipulated and repetitive patterns and motifs that are surreal and nonsensical.

Most importantly, by bringing these works to life I hope to inspire others to create, to reflect, to share, and to play.

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